About UsPreparing for the boardroom

EBM is a unique, world class programme aimed at the next generation of FTSE Chief Executives, Chief Financial Officers and board Directors.

Our premium mentoring programme supports our clients’ own management development plans as they prepare senior business leaders and fast-track executives for board positions.

We match the rising stars with experienced, proven Chairmen and Non-Executive Directors and expose them to a wide range of business leadership, strategy setting and implementation, decision-making and corporate governance experience.

Confidential and individually tailored mentoring sessions are supported by a structured business school programme that delivers an appreciation of what it means to be an effective board member.

By offering a network of the next generation of business leaders, we enable them to access seasoned board leaders and a valuable peer group.

Our ApproachMatching the best with the best

Our programme matches the executive with access to an experienced Chairman and Non-Executive Director with a proven track record and reputation and a range of experience of particular interest to the mentee.

This confidential access to a dedicated mentor is designed to ensure that the executive:

  • Feels fully prepared for a board role
  • understands the responsibilities of a plc director and the different roles around the boardroom table
  • develops a broad range of skills and experiences to bring a valuable perspective to board discussion
  • creates a strong external network
  • is exposed to new and different ways of approaching decision-making
  • is able to make an immediate contribution as a non-executive director

The TeamLongstanding boardroom advisers

Barry Gould and Patricia Tehan set up EBM Limited in 2010. They are the founding partners of Lygon Group, the independent, board specialist search firm. They are experienced board consultants, advising on a wide range of executive and non-executive recruitment; succession planning; board composition and executive development matters.

Barry Gould

Barry established an independent board practice in 2004 which he incorporated into Lygon Group in 2008. His early search career was with Russell Reynolds and then as head of the Private Equity practice and a partner at Whitehead Mann. Prior to executive search, he worked in general management with Inchcape Group in the UK and internationally. He has a BA from London University and an MBA from Cranfield.

Patricia Tehan

Patricia established Lygon Group in September 2008. Prior to this, Patricia set up the board practice for Blackwood. She was previously head of the board practice for TMP, a US-quoted search firm. Her early career was as a financial and business journalist with The Times and The Evening Standard. She has a BA in French and Politics from Leicester University.

The Programme

Following our engagement by the client we will meet the executive to assess their requirements for the programme and to agree the type of mentor best suited to the role. Our mentors are able to draw on a wide range of experience at board level in leading international companies across all sectors. Our initial discussions with the client and the executive will address the type of mentor(s) to be involved in the programme including, amongst others, details of their background, functional, sector and geographical experience and the range of issues to be addressed. In addition to our panel of mentors, we conduct a search to find the mentor best suited to the project in hand. All mentors are highly regarded and experienced industry leaders and are pre-referenced through well informed industry insiders and the investor community.

It is important to emphasise that from this stage onwards, the process will be under the control of the executive and all information discussed with executives will be held in the strictest confidence between the executive, the mentors and EBM. This information will not be divulged to the client nor to any outside parties without the express permission of the executive.

A preliminary Mentoring Programme Agenda (MPA) will then be prepared by EBM and agreed with the executive. We will also seek input from the executive’s Chief Executive, HR Director and other colleagues, as appropriate. Once the MPA has been agreed, EBM will arrange preliminary meetings between the executive and the proposed mentor(s) to discuss the scope and issues to be addressed throughout the programme. Following the initial meeting, it is anticipated that the executive will wish to maintain contact with the mentor(s) by telephone on a regular basis and probably at least once a month. If, after the initial meetings, it becomes clear that the relationship between executive and mentor is not working, we will address this with both sides and change the mentor if necessary.

Throughout the course of the programme, EBM will be in constant touch with the executive and available to address any issues or questions that may arise.